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Hatfield and the Health started, like so many ideas in 2020, as a lockdown project. We had always loved the music of the Canterbury Scene and particularly the Hatfield/National Health branch, and decided to play some of their classic material in a number of transatlantic recording sessions (Eric lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and Simon and Nick in London, UK). The hours of time at home gave us a chance to take a deep dive into the original recordings and discover even more of the ‘insides’ of this great music.  The results were a number of versions of those classic tunes, and throughout the process it became obvious that the next step would be to find an opportunity to actually play them live.  That opportunity arose via another 1970s British band, when Eric was asked to play at a 10cc convention in Manchester in June 2022, and so he would be coming to the UK at that time. Here was our window. Simon had played the guitars and bass on our recordings so it was clear the band needed a guitarist in order to play live, and of course a sax and flute player too. We were delighted that when we asked Mark and Karen to play with us, they both agreed.


And so began Hatfield and the Health. We are delighted that following sell-out dates in London in 2022, we have now announced some dates for 2023 and we can't wait to return to this unique music...

Simon, Nick and Eric

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